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Monday, April 5th, 2010
1:00 am - Need a Beta or Two


Title: Ruthless

: Original Fiction

: Fantasy/Adventure


All of the contents except the folksongs are mine.

Diane is an angry, drank pirate during an era of newfound ideas, crippled by her prejudices until she meets Francine, a French aristocrat possessed by an old sarcastic imp. (The stories steampunk)

Er, later on it has lesbian content. Mentions of alcoholism, crossdressing, and violence.

Beta Type:
Grammar, spelling, character and plot development, and just smoothing out the rough edges.

High. Okay, well, don't destroy me, but be firm, sort of like a kind-esque teacher that's not too nice, but...you get what I mean, right? (It's late. I ramble, heh.)

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Thursday, June 19th, 2008
1:06 pm - Ten minutes of your time for my thesis?

Dear fanfic authors,

first of all I’m sorry if OT posting isn’t allowed in this community, but there’s no other way for me to do this; just delete this if it isn’t appropriate.

I’m a fanfic reader and occasional fanfic writer myself, so what did I pick for my thesis in communication sciences? Fan Fiction, of course. I designed a survey to find out more about our writing habits and media use; it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

If you could go here and fill it out, I’d be forever grateful. Of course I’ll publish some of the results at my journal in about a month or two, so you’ll know what happened with your answers.
The survey is completely anonymous; I have no way of finding out who gave which answers.

Please, please help a fellow fan out. It’s only ten minutes for you; it’s a very important part of my work for me.

This has been cross-posted like crazy, and I'm sorry for spamming you guys, I'm just a little desperate, too.

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Monday, January 7th, 2008
7:03 pm - Pushing Daisies Beta

Anyone here would willing to beta my first Pushing Daisies fic? I wrote for the </a></b></a>pdficathon (Mostly Ned/Chuck but have other characters in it)

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Saturday, September 15th, 2007
12:11 am - Looking for Dedicated Beta

Title: Unknown As Of Yet
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: M
Warning: AU, Yaoi, Strong Violence, Strong Language

This is a current work in progress for me.  The intention is the story will be incredibly (as in more than 50 chapters) long and thus will need a good and dedicated beta reader.  I believe I am a fairly decent writer, English being my favorite and best subject, and I try my hardest to use excellent grammar, but let's be honest, we all make mistakes.

The story is told through Treize Khushrenada's point of view.  A quick summary is basically that Zechs is a Detective on a murder case and ironically gets involved with the murderer unknowingly, who happens to be Treize.  There will be heavy violence, and strong sexual scenes.  I must stress that you be at least 17 years or older to beta this story as I do not want to be responsible for illegally corrupting the mind of an underage "child".

If you are in the slightest bit interested or have any questions feel free to leave me a comment here or contact me at one of the following:
Email: jspensor@hotmail.com
MSN: jspensor@hotmail.com
AIM: jackjeckyll
Myspace: jackjeckyl
Gaiaonline: xxjackjeckylxx
Or on my person journal.


current mood: busy

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Sunday, June 24th, 2007
12:21 pm - Beta for "Ever After" fic

This is a bit of a random request. I was inspired to try my hand at an Ever After fic after watching the movie for the first time in years. It's not mandatory that you've seen this film, but I was wondering if there were any kids out there willing to look over my chapters.

And, if no one wants to volunteer, are there any additional resources that you could recommend for me to utilize? It's very rare that I have the entire work plotted out, so hopefully this will motivate me to finish this project this summer.

I'm @ ff.net under evilredmenace. If anyone is even remotely interested, please leave me a message, or comment here.

Thank you!

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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
5:42 pm - Looking For a Beta~

Hi, this might be unfamiliar (sorry about that), however:

I am looking for a somewhat personal beta-reader that will help me edit my stories/ect. My stories will be most likely random/personal stories or on rare occasions: fanfics ^^. If you are interested please add me on MSN, my e-mail will be in my LJ user info. And I'm sorry, I only have MSN/Hotmail. If you are adding me, don't worry about telling me who you are first, I'll just accept and you right away and you can tell me on MSN who you are/etc.

Thanks A LOT in advance ^^

current mood: numb

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
7:06 pm - Needing two Betas for two different fics

A Harry Potter fic and an Ouran High School Host Club fic.

Title: A Future Affair
Author: songofthepoets
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: PG13 (for now)
Characters: Youth!Severus, Youth!Remus, Adult!Snape, Adult!Lupin, Dumbledore, Harry, Draco.
Pairings: Snape/Remus, Lupin/Severus, Severus/Remus, Snape/Lupin, Harry/Draco.
Warnings: Slash, Staff/Student, Adult/Youth
Summary: What happens when Severus and Remus are transported to the
future, and either boy falls for the other's future self?
Disclaimer: Characters owned by J.K. Rowling.

Beta Type:Grammar mostly, but characterization help as well. Must know they fandom well.
Harshness: Any/ Harsh

Chapters Completed, needing betaing:

(Chapter One)
(Chapter Two)


Title: An Ouran Reunion
Author: songofthepoets
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: PG13 (for now)
Characters: Haruhi, Hikaru, Hunny, Kaoru, Kyouya, Mori, Tamaki.
Pairings: Kyouya/Haruhi
Summary: Haruhi returns to the school where she joined the Host Club and fell for the one boy who had introduced it all. She ignored her feelings and now he's married. She has lost her chance, but someone else will admit his feelings for her.
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Bisco Hatori.

Beta Type:Grammar mostly, but characterization help as well. Must know they fandom well.
Harshness: Any/ Harsh

Chapters Completed, needing betaing:
(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)

Thank you.

x-posted at beta_search, beta_readers.

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11:10 am - [request beta][IY and/or Ranma] multichapter, long term

Pen Name: iCe
Fandom: I'm doing both Ranma and Inu-Yasha, two stories not a crossover. I'm searching for someone to beta the Inu Yasha, but I'm more than happy to accept anyone who offers for the Ranma fanfic.
Rating of the story: G
Spoilers/Time Line: Set after the manga, so it's going to spoil a lot. If IY ends within this year, the ending scene will definitely be a spoiler.
Pairing: Inuyasha-Kagome although it's not completely apparent.
Beta Type: I need both a grammar beta and a content beta, but I need mostly grammar corrections. I am an ESL speaker (English as a Second Language) and therefore have some grammatical errors which I don't readily pick up.

Shards of the Spirit

Rough summary from ff.n:
Kagome wakes from dreams that she can't remember and goes through days sensing something different yet unnamable.

What has Kagome forgotten?

Summary for pre-reader, containing spoilers for ficCollapse )

Ranma fanfic summary and detailsCollapse )

crossposted at beta_search

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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
11:22 pm
stacy_cardinale 1.Pen Name: Jettanna (on fanfiction.net)

2. Fandom (show/book/etc. the story is based in) - X-men, Comicverse

3. Rating of the story: M (Language, some violence, sexual situations in the future, not yet))

4. Spoilers/Time Line : None really (Unless your like me and stopped reading for like 6 years) Some facts are based on the timeline where Astonishing X-men begins) mostly AU (I don;t know everything that happened in those 6 years I've been gone)

5. Pairing: none yet (Some Jean/Logan Rogue/Gambit Emma/Scott hinted at, but none really yet)

6. Beta Type: Characterizations, spelling/grammer, typo catching, suggestions on how to make it flow better, anything helpful.

7. Harshness: Level of harshness doesn't matter. I do like someone honest though. If a scene doesn't work, or my OC seems mary sueish, let me know.

Thanks in advance. I am willing to Beta for someone, but beware I sometimes don't have the best grammer. I know Harry Potter and X-men mostly.

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
12:58 am
solaceinthesky Name: Chelsey
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Orlando Bloom, original fiction.
Genres: Romance, suspense, mystery.
What I'm looking for: Someone to beta read, obviously. But to be more specific, someone to help with plot development and characterization.
Email: Sunsetofstarz@aol.com

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Saturday, May 20th, 2006
5:21 pm - Seeking beta for historic/original m/m

I'm new to the concept of putting writing where other people can see it (omigawd! the stress!) but figure it's about time I had a reality check and found out if this is really going anywhere or I'm a total failure and ought to take up needlepoint ...

I've got a looooong, unfinished slash work on Alfred Redl (about whom more below) and I'm seeking a beta who either a) knows all about Redl, b) knows all about pre-WWI Austria, or c) just likes reading historic slash and expressing their opinions thereon!

current mood: Hungry

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
10:53 am

Penname: Melospiza (on AFF.net and FF.net, though I haven't posted anything on FF.net yet)
Fandoms: I have many and they are diverse, both in "western" slash and het and "eastern" yaoi, yuri and het. Here are a few -- Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Mummy, Van Helsing, Troy, The Prophecy, Sailor Moon, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Fushigi Yuugi, Yami no Matsuei, Mahou Tsuki Tai.

I think it would be pretty cool to have a "regular" beta and I'd be willing to beta for someone else.

I have an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic up here that I would appreciate if anyone can look at, I am looking for tough critique (offered nicely of course) for grammar, punctuation and overall story cohesiveness. I have been told I am a good writer but I am very descriptive and use commas to death.


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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
7:43 pm - A Phantom Of The Opera Writer Seeking Beta

1.Pen Name: Indigo Spirit (On fanfiction.net)
2. Fandom (show/book/etc. the story is based in) - Phantom of the Opera
3. Rating of the story: T (PG-13)
4. Spoilers/Time Line : None (General)
5. Pairing: Erik/Christine
6. Beta Type: Characterizations, plot twits help, grammar/spelling (as a comfort base), content, bouncing off ideas, keeping the story together.
7. Harshness: I'd like to work with someone who I can learn from. Not really someone mean but someone who is honest but in a teaching way I guess. Basically I love and appreciate constructive criticism really.

Hi there,

I have desperately been trying to seek a Beta Reader for my Phantom of the Opera Fan Fiction 'A Loveless Melody'. I do have a Beta Reader. However, she is editing more as a friend. She's been my Beta for like a year now and I'm used to her going over my stuff. However, she doesn't read or write Phantom Fan Fiction at all. Now I feel like I'm just stuck in a rut in this story.

I'd love to talk to someone who knows a lot about Phantom of the Opera versions and etc like I do. I'm very confused about characterizations an etc. Mostly because Phantom can be so tricky to write ... I feel as if I've done a lot of don'ts with this story. Not really meaning to either.
My regular Beta Reader wouldn't mind at all if I get extra help on this. I've done so before and it's all ways been fine.

The story is E/C and Alternative Universe. There is all so thematic magical elements involved. Not really religion basses. However, I am Pagan my self but the magic in the story is like 90% made up with some Wiccan/Pagan influences melted into the story.

But as I have the story labeled it is fantasy.

The story is all so Raoul friendly. I support both Raoul and Erik. There for no bashing!
It is rated T (PG-13) and I'd love any help. I have three chapters posted up on fanfiction.net and my pen name there is Indigo Spirit.

My contact information is on my FF.net profile.

Oh and I forgot to add. It is based on the Leroux novel and 2004 movie. But only like 5% movie based for romance vibes.

Please feel free to contact me if any one can help.

Thank you!

X-Posted To - beta_search & beta_readers

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
8:43 pm - I Need a beta-reader!

I claimed Rin/Kakashi (Naruto) at 10_passions. I wrote 3 themes and I'm waiting for my claim to be accepted. I need a beta-reader for the grammar since English is my second language. If you think there's major OOCness, of course you can tell me too!

Beta type: Grammar Beta (English is my second language)
Ratings: G - NC-17 / M / R (my fic could be sexually graphic, depends on the rating)
Harshness: Moderate

Naruto is not my only fandom. If someone is interested in beta-reading fics of D.Gray-Man, Bleach or Samurai Deeper Kyô, let me know. I don't write yaoi or yuri BTW.

So if someone is interested, you can contact me at bubblegum2000@livejournal.com or reply to this entry.

current mood: gloomy

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Monday, February 13th, 2006
5:26 pm - Beta Reader needed for some Gravitation fanfiction

Name: Joy aka silver_magess

A Tatsuha/Taki ficCollapse )
Tohma/Taki ficCollapse )

current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
6:33 pm - Requesting beta reader for X-Men comics fanfiction

Okay here goes:

I have a few short pieces featuring Bishop from X-Men comics.

Title: Quo Vadis
Author: Karen
Fandom: X-Men Comic verse
Characters: Bishop and his sister, Shard, cameos by the members of the X.S.E
Rating: General
Beta: Grammar and the like, flow etc.

2. Jockey to the Stars
Characters: Bishop and Deathbird
Rating: PG
Author: Karen

3. Waking Nightmares
Author: Karen
Fandom: X-Men comicverse
Rating: Teen

I would appreciate any helpful suggestions and anothe pair of
eyes to go over the stories.
Email: karrenia_rune@yahoo.com

I can provide the link and/or send the stories as either
text attachments or html, or in the body of email.

Thanks in advance and take care, Karrenia

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
1:04 am - Hey! looking for a beta!

ok, heres how it is

what I really need right now someone who knows Naruto and Bleach, for I am now committed to two pairs, for 10_passions

you need to be willing (and/or like) to read slash/shounen-ai/yaoi/whatever you like to call it, because both pairs are yaoi.


thats it... can someone help me?

you can comment on here or send me an email at amethystnights @ yahoo . com


current mood: accomplished

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Monday, December 19th, 2005
10:48 pm - Okay, I need help!

Here's the deal, ladies and gents. I am in dire need of a beta reader for fanfiction.

I write:
King of Bandits Jing/Ou-dorobo Jing
Yu-Gi-Oh (Though it's severely Alternate-Universe and could probably just be beta-ed by anyone.)
Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
DNAngel (Again, Alternate-Universe.)
Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny (Which is going to be HOLY GOD Alternate-Universe.)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Which will not start for a good while--will be centered around Swoop Racing.)

As far as what I need someone to do, I need someone to check my work for typos (which are nefarious, because I type too fast for my head sometimes) and characters acting something like they should.

If you've got a D in your English class...don't bother. I'm not looking for someone who's not going to pick up on the little things that I miss. I'm sorry, and I don't want to be taken for rude, but I'm really not wanting someone who can barely write for themselves helping me.

If you're interested, IM me (my AIM name is in my user information) and let me know...that way I can get a beta reader!

current mood: Have a nice day!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2005
10:23 pm

Hi! I'm looking for a beta for a very short (220 words) G-rated Stargate: Atlantis gen fic (Bates centric). It's post-season 1, but doesn't contain any S2 spoilers.
I'm not looking for someone to beta the mechanics of writing - such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc - but rather for someone to look at the structure (the ending, in particular) and to tell me if it just generally works. Letting me know if any parts go 'clunk' would also be appreciated.
Harshness: Well, I've only just started writing, so I'd prefer a beta that falls on the gentler side of the spectrum, but I don't want to skip over problems that exist so that my feelings aren't hurt. I guess 'gentle honesty' is what I'm looking for - but regardless of how I wind up feeling, I promise I won't take it out on my beta, because that's just not polite.
The fic's not for anything in particular, so there's no rush (although my impatience would prefer it earlier rather than later *g*).

If you're interested, please leave a comment here, or email me (delurker AT livejournal dot com). Thanks!

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Friday, October 7th, 2005
1:35 pm - Beta Reader For Hire

Hi there!

I write my own fanfiction - Good Charlotte, Gundam Wing, Yu-Gi-Oh and Harry Potter, my beta is a personal friend of mine so what I'm looking to do is beta other people's fiction. If you need a beta, just let me know!

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