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[request beta][IY and/or Ranma] multichapter, long term

Pen Name: iCe
Fandom: I'm doing both Ranma and Inu-Yasha, two stories not a crossover. I'm searching for someone to beta the Inu Yasha, but I'm more than happy to accept anyone who offers for the Ranma fanfic.
Rating of the story: G
Spoilers/Time Line: Set after the manga, so it's going to spoil a lot. If IY ends within this year, the ending scene will definitely be a spoiler.
Pairing: Inuyasha-Kagome although it's not completely apparent.
Beta Type: I need both a grammar beta and a content beta, but I need mostly grammar corrections. I am an ESL speaker (English as a Second Language) and therefore have some grammatical errors which I don't readily pick up.

Shards of the Spirit

Rough summary from ff.n:
Kagome wakes from dreams that she can't remember and goes through days sensing something different yet unnamable.

What has Kagome forgotten?

End of the series (sinkon whole and then broken again so that it would be safe with Kagome sealing it), Kagome goes back into the present forgetting a good deal of what happened in the past. Most of the people she will meet will be reincarnations of her companions.

But mostly later on, they'll find out they have to piece together the shard again, because a group of youkai who don't believe that they should be hiding in human guise are trying to corrupt the shards and break the seal(the greatest irony of InuYasha, you have to break the Shinkon no Tama to get a good adventure story out of it). Three major parts of this will be A) Kagome when she hasn't remembered anything B) Kagome when she remembers some things (and therefore some people trying to get her memory back) C) Kagome with all of her memories intact facing well the enemy.

The Ranma fanfic is about to end I just need final retouches so I could send it to Rec-arts-anime-creative and the pre-reader who accepts this should be willing to wade through 500,000 words [grammar mostly but if you see plot holes I always work them out, regardless of wehre it is in the story]. If not, then just offer next time :)

Alternate Universe, so huh, spoilers on some episodes, but storyline in ranma 1/2 is episodic. Spoilers for Kumon arc but no specific things I can remember, no spoilers for ending.

AU set in 1600's Japan. Akane/Ranma with a smattering of Nabiki/someone or the other.

Rendezvous with Fate

Summary from In a world where Akane never knew Ranma, never knew the Saotomes and is currently married to Ryoga Hibiki, she's never been more content.. Until she dies. She finds herself in the past, in the body of Kodachi and married to Ranma. Now she's lost.

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